Seminar on Business Ethics and Social Capital

This course consists of two interrelated topics. The first part covers business ethics, and the second one discusses social capital, particularly as it relates to corporate management. After taking this subject students are expected to: (1) gain better insight into the contradiction and problems in defining business ethics and social capital in management; (2) be able to differentiate various theories on business ethics and social capital; (3) critically analyze the relationship between corporations/firms and society; (4) be able to take his/her position about various issues in business and society. This course discusses external pressures for corporations and firms to comply not only to legal aspects, but also how corporations and firms uphold ethical standards in their business actions and behavior. This topic has increased in the last two decades. Self-interested pursuit of profit is now considered not the ultimate goals of companies. The notion that business ethics creates contradiction with corporation objective has not been proven. Yet, there are diverse perspectives of what constitute business ethics.  In addition, corporations and firms are construed as open systems, where internal and external factors interact. Hence, corporations/firms are increasingly facing the challenges on how to interact with society.

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