Message from the Head Program

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Message from the Head Program

Welcome to the Postgraduate Program in Management (PPIM) FEB UI.

The PPIM contributes to the society, especially in terms of management practices in Indonesia through the development of management science as the spirit in the establishment of the Postgraduate Program in Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (PPIM-FEB UI).

Knowledge development at PPIM-FEB UI actually reflects PPIM-FEB UI as the organizer of higher or tertiary education at the graduate level (S2 and S3). Through the Doctoral Program (S3), PPIM-FEB UI continuously strives to encourage the production of various original research, which aimed at producing new knowledge in the field of management. From this original research, PPIM is expected to support the accumulation of management knowledge and influence management practices in Indonesia, especially those related to the peculiarities of Indonesia’s cultural, social and economic conditions. Meanwhile, through the MSM or Master of Sains Management (S2) program, PPIM-FEB UI seeks to provide a better understanding of various management theories in the context of practice in Indonesia.


Contribution to the society, on the other hand, reflects the down-to-earth position of PPIM-FEB UI. The PPIM-FEB UI Doctoral Program (S3) continuously strives to produce quality scholars who are highly dedicated, and who continuously seek to contribute to society through teaching and research. The MSM (S2) program, on the other side, also strives to produce specialist professionals who can work in various fields of management, from corporations to nonprofit organizations, and produce professional academics with quality research skills.


The University of Indonesia has a vision to become a World Class University. It delivers an impact on the focus of science development carried out by PPIM-FEB UI, which not only focuses on original research, but into original research that can be published internationally. Apart from this, organizing international conferences and publishing international journals are also part of PPIM-FEB UI important agendas in development activities. In 2006-2008, PPIM-FEB UI held 3 consecutive international conferences of Business and Management Research (2006-2008); and published 3 international journals regularly, namely: the South East Asian Management Journal, the Indonesian Capital Market Review and the ASEAN Marketing Journal, all of which have boards of editors from various leading universities in Asia, Australia and other continents.


In 2009, the organization of the international conference of Business and Management Research and the publication of the 3 international journals was transferred from PPIM-FEB UI to the Management Department of FEB UI as part of a strategy for institutional strengthening at FEB UI. However, the involvement of PPIM-FEB UI teachers and doctoral students in the above activities has not diminished. The transfer of this implementation has even made PPIM-FEB UI teachers and students more focused on the content of the academic activities above.


In addition to international conferences and journal publications, in 2008, PPIM-FEB UI has gone further with international cooperation with the University of Adelaide, Australia. This collaboration resulted in a Dual Degree program in the field of Finance (Applied Finance) for PPIM-FEB UI graduates who participated in this program. The collaboration was later expanded in 2010 with the Dual Degrees in Marketing program. Graduates from this Dual Degree program will receive two degrees, namely MSM and Master of Commerce. In terms of international cooperation, PPIM-FEB UI seeks to focus more on building deep relationships with partner universities from abroad, not on the number of partner universities.


To conclude, PPIM-FEB UI offers an opportunity for everyone who wants to explore specific management knowledge through the 4 concentrations offered, namely: Finance, Banking, Marketing and Strategic Management. The Doctoral Program in particular, aims to prepare PPIM-FEB UI graduates to become a scholar in the true sense, someone who wants to learn continuously, observe the development of science, both through research and reading. Meanwhile, the MSM program prepares PPIM-FEB UI graduates to become professional specialists, both in the corporate world and in academics.


Prof. Dr. Irwan Adi Ekaputra

Head of the Graduate Program in Management, FEB UI