Doctoral Program

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Doctoral Program

Study program:

Accreditation A based on SK No.1774/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/D/V/2019

Level: Doctoral (S3)

Degree: Dr. (Doctor)

Graduate Program in Management offers 3 specializations in the field of management, namely:

  1. Finance & Banking
  2. Marketing
  3. Strategic Management

The Doctoral Program in Management organizes its programs through a lecture system, which consist of matriculation for 1 semester, lectures for 2 semesters, publication of scientific articles and research for a dissertation within 4 semesters. The educational curriculum is designed with a package system per semester.

The Doctoral Program in Management is designed to achieve the following key competencies:

  1. Adept to compile a comprehensive literature review related to research in Business Management Science
  2. Able to design and combine appropriate Business Management Science research methodologies
  3. Capable of applying academic ethics and being aware of social issues
  4. Apt to build a conceptual framework that contains a global context
  5. Qualified to evaluate academic evidence, draw conclusions, and provide recommendations
  6. Able to present ideas and academic papers in English
  7. Capable to write academic papers in English that meet reputable international scientific publication standards

Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Management are expected to be able to formulate management problems; utilizing the latest empirical theories and methods in a comprehensive and integrated manner; leading research activities through inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches; in order to produce creative, genuine, and tested work by maintaining academic honesty and integrity, as well as obtaining national and international recognition. Several career options for graduates include becoming academics, analysts, consultants, researchers and policy makers in the fields of Finance & Banking, Marketing and Strategic.