Seminar on Knowledge, Innovation & Change

Optional : Indonesia

After taking this subject students are expected to be able to : 1) understand and evaluate the dynamics of knowledge, innovation, and changes in the individual, organization, and industry levels; 2) understand and evaluate the complexity and the scope of the phenomena, issues and problems in the domain of knowledge, innovation, and change; 3) examine the state of the art in the knowledge management, innovation, and change; 4) understand and evaluate factors facilitating or inhibiting the innovation and change in the organization; 5) understand the inter-relations of strategy and knowledge, innovation and change; 6) demonstrate the ability to compose a research paper on the issue in knowledge, innovation and change; 7) demonstrate the ability to make abstraction of the issue from the phenomena of knowledge management, innovation, and change. In this course we discuss subjects and issues on knowledge, innovation, and change, the leaders’ capabilities in leading, managing and using knowledge and organizational knowledge to create advantages based on competences and consequently to create competitive advantage. Participants are invited to discuss issues on organizational knowledge, the location of organizational knowledge, the way the learning in organization is taking place, the way the learning process improves or creates better organizational knowledge, the way the knowledge is transferred and is shared within an organization, and the way to better manage knowledge, learning, innovation and change to create better and substantial unique values for organizational stakeholders.

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