Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Optional : Indonesia

After taking this subject students are expected to be able to evaluate 1) the dynamic of strategic entrepreneurship 2) the complexity and the scope of the phenomena, issues and problems in the domain of strategic entrepreneurship, 3) state of the art in strategic entrepreneurship, and 4) the relationship between strategic management and entrepreneurship. This course discusses the integration of management strategic approach and an entrepreneurial approach, to deepen understanding of theory, practice and research on entrepreneurial paradigm, on the activities of individuals and corporations in order to create a competitive advantage for the company’s growth and national superiority. The central concept in entrepreneurial behavior will be studied core concepts ranging from the mind-set of executives, business opportunity, opportunity excellence, cultural creativity, innovation capabilities, risk taking, talent human resources, knowledge management, organizational learning, business models, strategic alliances, as factors that affect the growth of entrepreneurship. This course will also study social entrepreneurship in order to create social value to create dynamic communities to overcome poverty.

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