Seminar on Corporate Strategy

Optional : Indonesia

After taking this subject students are expected able to develop theories and practices of corporate strategy and other organizational strategies, so as to strategize theoretically and contextually with world class quality of reasoning. Exploring interactively theoretical and research issues in the development of the discipline of strategic management, to lay out the foundation for doctoral research and dissertation, a future career in the real corporate world, or teaching career in the business schools. This seminar explores the theoretical development of the discipline of strategic management from the perspective of corporate strategy, or the scope of the firm, which has shifted its theoretical, practical and research modes, reflecting fundamental changes in the internal and external environment of the firms, and expanding into many other disciplines. This course covers approaches on corporate strategy and its implication for business and functional strategies, development of schools of thought, since its origin to the current state. This seminar is oriented toward the turbulent business environment, requiring adaptive approaches and concepts of competences, resources and capabilities, market positions, multi-business synergy, and growth paths, on which corporate strategies seek to attain sustainable competitive advantage, in their relevancy in today’s Indonesian business world.

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