Organization Theory and Behavior

Optional : Indonesia

Organization Theory and Behavior (OTB) aims at providing conceptual and theoretical framework of management and organization for the students of Strategic Management. After taking this subject students are expected to be able to synthesize different perspectives of analyzing organizations, which consists of several basics such as: (1) the core concepts of organizations; (2) the dynamics of structure, culture, and strategy of an organization in coping with environmental changes; (3) why individuals and groups have certain attitudes and actions; and (4) attitude and action differences among individuals and groups. Furthermore, using these knowledge students should be able to explain the research implications of OTB issues on Strategic Management. The subject is divided into two areas: Organization Theory and Organization Behavior. Organization Theory involves building and testing theory about organizations, the organization members and management, organization-environment relations, and organizing processes. Theoretical advances in organization theory have included strategic choice, resource dependence theory, organizational ecology and institutional theory. Organization Behavior studies individuals and groups within an organizational context, and the study of internal processes and practices as they affect individuals and groups.

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